Our Services

We Specialise in:

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Our systems are monitored 24/7 by highly experienced and trained controllers who can respond to threats in seconds, so you can get the protection you need quickly and efficiently—you’ll never be left waiting on hold or talking to an automated system when an intruder comes into your home. Each and every controller is more than capable to provide a professional, accurate, effective CCTV monitoring service and to co-operate with the Technical and Operations department. They operate with integrity, accuracy and confidentiality.  In other word, you and your family’s safety are their priority, you are in safe hands.

Response Team

Our response team is passionate about fighting crime. Our response officers provide frontline response to a wide range of incidents, including complex and sometimes confrontational situations. They’ll be the first to respond to incidents in an appropriate, professional and timely manner. They’ll quickly need to take initial control and then update and liaise with our Control Centre and they’ll need to assess any immediate threats or risk of harm and quickly decide the best response that will keep you, other people and your property safe.

Drone Quick Reaction Force

Bethnet Security makes no exception to the adoption of increasingly sophisticated technological systems, among which the professional drone figures prominently. Agile, capable of operating in many environments and offering a 360° aerial view in real time, its multiple assets make the surveillance drone an indispensable component to any security service plan. When there is a need to provide security and ensure the safety of groups of people or sensitive locations, drone security surveillance is the ultimate solution. Bethnet Security recognize the advantage of drone security and surveillance in terms of their quick response and cost saving.

Security Equipment Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Our Technical team has extensive experience installing and providing maintenance and repairs on CCTV surveillance systems. We strive to provide the best solutions and products to our clients, which is why we offer security assessments of your premises before any installations to provide the best system suited to the client’s needs that will deliver the best results.