BethNet Security

We take security to the next level.

Having a unique advantage with our wireless and Fibre network, we decided to do the crazy thing and go into the security industry.

We felt this was a complementary business to our existing company and would be a great value added service to all our clients. 

Bethnet Security is going to implement the newest technologies to make our town safer. What we are planning to do is not anything new and a lot of cities are already enjoying the safety that AI and analytic cameras bring.

Our goal is to make our beautiful town more attractive for new residents.We feel that safety is one of the most important deciding factors for a family or businesses when relocating to a new area. We are going to do our best to make security and safety in homes and businesses affordable for everyone.

Safety is not a luxury, but unfortunately we live in a time where it is our responsibility to safeguard not only ourselves but also our neighbours. This is why we need your support. Together we will be stronger but divided we will fall.

Our model and growth plan is to have a mesh camera and network ecosystem, working in harmony to look over and protect our town.

When we have overlapping AI cameras on every street and driveway. Criminals will have nowhere to hide.

We as Bethnet Security want pro-active security. We believe that if the criminal is in your house, it is already too late. We want to stop the criminals before they even enter your home or business.